Salary Increase and Fringe Benefits among Nigerian Workers

Salary Increase and Fringe Benefits among Nigerian Workers  (A Case Study of Enugu Railway Corporation)

  • Review of Related Literature/Wage Determination

Armstrong (1980) opines that a number of situational aspects affect wage payments; legislation and geographic location are beyond the control of the wage and salary administration but others including wage, comparable wage ability to pay and productivity influence the wage payment.

  1. i) Nature of the Duties Performed: Charles and Pigors (1981) opine that the duties of a particular job classification influence its level of pay.  Wage rates tends to increase with higher still requirement les desirable surrounding greater physical effort and the works relevance to organization purpose.
  2. ii) Labour Supply and Demand: According to Samuelson (1980); the market maintains that the forces of supply (labour seeking employment) and demand organization biding for this reserve interact in the market place when the available supply equals the demand (this state is called equilibrium).  The wage level is established consequently a scarce skill that is much in demand commends a higher wage level.

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