Challenges of Information And Communication Technology (Ict) To Modern Secretaries

Challenges of Information And Communication Technology (Ict) To Modern Secretaries (Study of Nigerian-American Bank Limited (Nambl) and Wema Bank Plc)

Literature Review


Information and communication technologies (ICT) have been growing

Rapidly in developed and developing countries. ICT has been revolutionizing the way in which people in these countries operate in their various organizations both in the public and private sectors. ICT has changed the administration, governance, education, business competitiveness and global operations in them. In Nigeria today, the application of ICT is much more extensive and noticeable in the private sector. The areas of application cover nearly all the activities of the private sector. The major users include the banks, oil industry, insurance houses, consultants and manufacturers. New technologies, thriving in today’s commercial and industrial offices, inevitably pose a lot of  challenges to the modern secretaries.

After the invention of typewriter in  1881, by Christopher sholes, one of  the greatest discoveries of all time was the computer, since its   advent, the world has become a global village where vital information could be extracted and effectively shared.

The vital roles which secretaries are meant to play as the custodians of office information necessitate the proper training of secretaries in order to cope with the challenges pose by ICT. [Read more…]