Geology of Ngbo Area

Geology of Ngbo Area


Ngbo and its environs are part of the sediments of Ezeaku formation in southeastern Nigeria. It has four lithologies of laminated black shale, Siltstone, bioturbated sandstone, and limestone units in order of oldest to the youngest. Ngbo and it’s environs was studied using surface geological mapping with the major of identifying of the geological features. Thereby establishing the depositional history and constructing the local stratigraphy of the area.

  • Location and Accessibility of the Area

The study area is Ngbo and its environs in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. It is geographically located between latitudes 6o 251N to 6o 301N and longitudes 7o551 E to 8o 001 E covering a total area of about 81 km2. It is located in the southern extension of the Benue Trough and Western limb of Abakaliki anticlinorium. It is within the North West region of Ebonyi State.

The area was accessed through Enugu-Abakaliki Express Road and Ezza – Ngbo and Effium Road through a network of tarred roads. During the fieldwork, vehicles, motorcycles and footpaths were employed to aid accessibility and movement to outcrops located where motor cycle where not able to access (Fig. 1) [Read more…]