A Survey of the Management Problems of Business Centres

A Survey of the Management Problems of Business Centres in Agwu (A Study of Selected Business Centres in Agwu Local Government Area)

  • Review Of Literature

This chapter reviews related literature relating to the problems of

Establishing Business Centres. In order to do this, the researcher reviewed a number of books, Journals and government books.

The review covers the following:

–        An overview and historical development of Business center in Nigeria

–        Resource Availability and Business Centre establishment

–        Virtues and Benefits of Business centres

–        Problems of Business centres

–        Attempts at Ameliorating Business centres

–        Problems.

  • Overview and Historical Development of Business Centre

According to NWOSU (1984), Business centres have been with us even

since the times of trade by barter with the craftsmen given prominence to today’s manufacturing.  Originally, it was based on indigenous artisan ingenuity but the continuing changes in modern production process y which one innovation or invention readers, an existing on obsolete and create new area of consumer satisfaction. [Read more…]