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Motivation and Worker Performance

Motivation and Worker Performance: A study of Anambra State Ministry of Works, Awka.

Background to the Study

The theories of motivation constitute one of the streams of the plethora of management theories that explain the behavior of employees at work.. This is because what motives one person is quite different from what motivates another.

The importance of motivation in the success of any organization in terms of the attainment of set organizational goal, be it in the area of productivity, profit margin, margin, market share, efficiency, customer satisfaction value of stock etc is universally acknowledged in the business world. Hence motivation has become “one of the most frequently researched topics in organizational behavior (OB)” as Robbins (2005: 107) observed.

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All human organization are concerned with what should be done to attain a high level of performance among the employees. As a result of this, it is therefore necessary to find the appropriate ways of motivating the individuals who sought the means and the provision of a condusive environment for the employee to carryout their various duties.

The reason for the above is to develop motivation process and condusive working environment that will help to a very large extent in ensuring motivation and workers performance organization. This to an extent depends on the process of motivation employed by the organization to make workers or employees put their maximum in attaining organization set goals.

The easiest way of doing this is to make it possible for workers to satisfy their own needs at least to a reasonable extent while they are working towards achieving the organization objectives.

Motivation is one of the most important concepts in Public Administration. It is considered as one of the most researched and discussed subject areas in both public and organized private sector management. Researchers have sought to explain how and why people are actuated to behave as they do and how they can be made to behave in a manner supportive of organizational goals. It deals with the way of our behaviour. It is also considered as the process of arousing, directing and sustaining individual behaviour.

Motivation is the set of forces that causes one to behave in certain ways (Griffin 1997).

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Ivanceviech et al (1994) opines that it is a set of forces that initiate behaviour and determine it’s form, direction, intensity, and duration. For Ganon (1979), motivation basically means an individual needs, desires and concepts that cause him or her to act in a particular manner.

On the other hand, the level of workers performance of an organization is measured and determined by the skills and talents of an organizations workforce. Thus, such factors within the workers environment which have direct or positive influence on the performance of the organization must be given serious attention. Hence, behavioural scientists believe that affective workers performance requires motivation, ability and a reward system that encourages quality work.

The success of any organization is to have motivated staffs who are satisfied on their job. Therefore, leaders and managers must respond to motivations of individuals (employees), if they are to design an environment in which people will perform willingly; because an employee who is satisfied and motivated is an ideal employee.

Therefore this brings about understanding the fact that motivation in a firm influences individuals’ attitude to work

Further in this work, it would help to understand the ways and manner in which individuals ought to be motivated for the purpose of workers performance. Managers are of the view and perception that motivation depends on a large extent on their assumption about human nature.

As we buttress and proffer solution, we see how true motivation and workers performance in Nigeria, concentrating on the Anambra State Ministry of Works, Awka.


In evaluating the motivation and workers performance in Anambra State Ministry of Works, the researcher discovered that some workers are not happy with their job.

The major problem is the issue of inadequate motivation of employees in large organizations and is also visible in the ministry.

Nepotism, favoritism and cronism that is associated with public sector organization also exist in the ministry. These has also motivation and workers performance   in the sense that mediocrities are employed into the ministry instead of experts and technocrats.

There have also been inadequate commitments of employees in the public sector and poor attitude to their performance of their duties resulting to low productivity.

The issue of environmental constraints has also being identified as a hindrance to productivity in large public and private organizations. The organization has been subjected to different environmental obstacles which may not enhance productivity and innovation.

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This study therefore seeks to examine the impact of motivation on workers productivity and innovation. On the basis of the understanding gained from the findings, some recommendations will be made.


The main objective of the study is to find out the motivation and workers’ performance. The specific objectives include:

  1. To find out the relationship between motivation and workers performance.
  2. To identify the factor that determines motivation and workers performance among employees in the Ministry of Works, Awka.
  3. To find out the reasons behind motivation and workers performance in the ministry.


  1. Are there any relationship between motivation and workers  performance in the ministry?
  2. What are the factors that determine motivation and workers performance in the ministry of works, Awka?
  3. Is inadequate motivation the reason behind workers performance in the ministry?


  1. There is a significant relationship between motivations, workers performance
  2. Motivation is the factor that determines workers performance in the ministry.
  3. Inadequate motivation is the reason behind workers performance.


The importance of this study cannot be overemphasized, an organization can only function effectively and efficiently, if the workers are well motivated, and if they are not, motivation and workers performance is bound to decrease.

Therefore, this study will help the Anambra State Government and other organizations at large to know some of the reasons that might have caused motivation in the Ministry of Works, and how to improve.

The study is an immense contribution in the field of management. It is a springboard to future research work in the area.


The research work is specifically limited to the impact of motivation and workers performance in the Ministry of Works, Awka. In Anambra State, it covers the entire staff of the Ministry of Works, Awka.


The research work encountered some hurdles which includes

  1. Financial constraints and time frame: The present economic situation in the country constituted a problem to the researcher as no research work can go well without fund.
  2. Low response constraints: Lack or low level of co-operation from the respondents also affects the study, as not many of the respondents are willing to give out all the information needed.

Despite the limitations of the study, the researcher was still able to overcome them and carryout the research work to the fulfillment.

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The study has taken into consideration the unfamiliar terms which needs to be elaborated in order to procure more insight on the terms and research in study.

Motivation: Motivation is the action taken by an individual or an organization in other to activate the working ability of another individual positively.

Ganon (1979) opined that motivation basically means and individual needs, desired and concept that causes him or her to act in a particular manner.

Productivity: Productivity used interchangeable with innovation is also placed as employee productivity.

Productivity is the words of Mali is the measure of how well resources are brought together in organizations and utilizing of how well resources are brought together in organization and utilizing of how well resources are brought together in organizations and utilized for accomplishing a set of results. Productivity is reaching the highest level of performance with low expenditure.

Theory: An organized body of ideas as to the truth of something usually derived of a number of facts relating to it, but sometimes entirely a result of exercising the speculating imagination. Knowledge of science or art derived from such study and speculation. A general body of assumptions and principles

Motivation and Worker Performance: A study of Anambra State Ministry of Works, Awka.


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