Factors Militating Against the Teaching of Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice

Factors Militating Against the Teaching of Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice in Government Technical Colleges in Enugu State

Review of Related Literature

The researcher wants to know with a view to finding out whether mechanical engineering craft practice does exist in the Government Technical College Enugu and Nsukka and if so, what the factors are militating against its effective teaching. The factors will be reviewed as:-

  1. Finance and funding
  2. adequacy and qualification of teaching staff
  3. non payment of teachers salaries
  4. availability of well equipped libraries
  5. lack of equipped workshop
  6. availability of well equipped laboratories

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Finance and Funding

The greatest constraint to the effective implementation of mechanical engineering craft practice in government technical college has been that of finance attributed to the poor economic state of the country. Ogunu (1980) writing on “the role of the administrator in the implementation of New National Policy on Education” in Education For Self Reliance and National Development quoted Fagbemi (1986) as having observed that almost all nations of the world today are passing through a painful period of inflation and austerity. Under such difficult economic condition, our various government technical colleges are bound to experience inadequate financial and materials support from the government and public sectors. The above statement agrees with that made by Ben Onyeadholam, in the National concord of September 16, 1982 “And now, our limited resources cannot support the education we want”. This country’s expensive.

Adequacy and Qualification of Teachers

The crucial roles of qualified teachers in an educational system most especially the government technical colleges and their adequacy has long been recognized. This was why Ashby in 1960 had proposed that pre-technical and pre-vocational schools should be opened and unqualified teachers retrained.

However, it has been observed that our tertiary institution keep turning out large numbers of teachers yearly but the problem of finding experts in mechanical engineering craft abound because the subjects like metal work, and motor mechanics were not offered in our universities and colleges of education. This implies that education planners did not have plans to prepare teachers for mechanical engineering craft practice as a programme. Sunday Tribune of December 8, 1985 observed this when it said in its editorial column that one complaint that has recurred frequently abound the implementation of the teaching of mechanical engineering craft was lack of manpower. Manpower implied trained technical teachers capable of handling purely technical subject area. Buttressing more on this, Yoyele (1984) recommended that effort should be made towards providing technical teachers for technical subject in our various government technical schools.

Non Payment of Teachers Salaries

It is an Irony that of all the civil servants in Nigeria, only one group (teachers) are molested and relegated to the background when they are not supposed to. The Irony of it all is that the teachers does his job efficiently but often times he is owed. The teachers has not committed any crime that should necessitate this unnecessary relegation. According to Mashlow (1968), personality adjustments relates to need gratification, ranging. From deficiency needs which include, prompt salary payment and other grativities or benefits will enhance teacher’s participation and self actualization as these will motivate him to work effectively and efficiently.

There may be nothing as frustrating to a technical education teacher as be littling up his potentialities without knowing how to express them or impart them to others. On the other hand, a self-actualized technical teachers is pleasing to be with. He is happy with himself and the sky is the limit. When if comes to considering what can be expected of him.

Non payment of teacher salaries is not something to be looked down upon. It is very serious threat to the survival of our educational system and the teachers in the mechanical engineering craft department of government technical colleges in Enugu and Nsukka is not free from this threat. The teacher who is frustrated will never perform or give out the best. Therefore non payment of teachers salaries is a factor militating against the effective teaching of mechanical engineering craft practice in government technical school in Enugu and Nsukka.

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Well Equipped Libraries

A library is a collection of books or the physical accommodation in which, such collection of books is housed. Modern libraries include films slides, phonograph, records, tapes as well as books.

According to UNNESCO (1963) report revealed a number of short comings such as poorly equipped laboratories and workshops, and inadequate auxiliary facilities and basic services.

In the National Policy on Education (1981) sections 3 Article 5, it promised to ensure that all schools would be properly equipped with text books and libraries to promote sound and effective teaching. It should be noted that most subjects of this course is newly introduced therefore for students to understand the increasing complexities of technology, relevant textbooks have to be supplied to the technical college libraries to facilitate the role of instructional personnel in the department of mechanical engineering practice.

It is well known that text books have a crucial role to play in the implementation of the mechanical engineering craft practice in government technical colleges. A review of literature, however, seem to suggest that inspite of the recognized importance oft these facilities in educational system, schools were still faced with shortage of the facilities, but the question is can the shortage of the facilities influence the implementation of mechanical engineering craft practice?

Lack of Well Equipped Workshop

A workshop is a building where any work is carried on. It could also be defined as a mini-industry.

Ogunnuyi and Orusaseyi (1977) in their research effort regarding the status of technology teaching also content that the shortage of workshop facilities a situation caused by current world-wide economic recession and diversion of funds away from education by our leaders has in a way widened thus, creating a crisis situation for technology education in Nigerian technical colleges.

In section 3, Article 5 of the 1981 National Policy on Education, it stated that it would ensure that all schools were properly equipped for the purpose of acquiring the necessary skills. The provision of workshop and the necessary equipment serves as an avenue where the learning can develop manipulative and constructive skills with collaboration with the theoretical aspect of instruction received in the classroom. Do we now claim that efforts have been made to supply enough of the facilities for the various technical colleges?

Well Equipped Laboratories

A laboratory is a building or a room specially designed for scientific or technical investigation or experimentation. It serves as a store house for the provision of the study of science and technology. It can be said that a laboratory what they achieves and artifact do for history. In both cases the store house provides available materials to facilitate study.

Considering a laboratory as a crucial facility in the study of technology limited Nations Educational Scientific and cultural Organization (UNESCO) gave specifications for the construction of a laboratory which it said

  • Should be spacious enough to allow freedom of movement
  • Should be well ventilated, have water, gas and electricity point wherever they are likely to be needed.
  • Should have adequate storage facilities. Also laboratory equipment should reflect their relevance to the associated branch of science Iwu (1983).

A mechanical engineering craft practices, workshop should have a laboratory with the above features but unfortunately, no government  technical college with department under focus in this research work has any both in Enugu and Nsukka.

One wonders whether the faith of this trade will not continue to be in the balance, it may be in the balance, it may be possible that government is aware pf this ugly trend or rather of the importance of the related facilities to the study of mechanical engineering craft practice in the Government Technical Colleges in Enugu and Nsukka when he send a team of find out the needs of these schools. In the end, the team in inspectors goes back to their sender and nothing more than a stony silence follows leaving these technical colleges without the necessary facilities.

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Chapter Five

Discussion on Findings, Implication, Suggestions and Conclusion

This chapter discusses the findings made on the research work. It goes on to make some recommendations bringing out the educational implications.  Suggestions are also made for further research and finally givers a brief conclusion based on the research work.

Discussion on Findings

Any effective educational system is a function of the factors in the school environment. These factors in the case of this research include personnel teacher supply, workshop and equipment, laboratories, classrooms and good library facilities.

It is noted that mechanical engineering craft practice is aimed at giving Nigerians the acquisition of functional skill. The vision is that the  graduates of the trade would be capable of self employment. But they cannot do this without the services of competent qualified teachers.

Teacher supply 

Apart from the fact that various   technical colleges sampled showed a fair percentage of qualified teachers, table 1, Item 1, shows 17% of 100 indicates that teachers in mechanical engineering departments of government technical colleges Enugu are not enough. This is confirmed by 83% of the 100 who said that they were not enough. This means that qualified teachers are very much needed. Consequently, the shortage of teachers in this trade would mean a total collapse of the programme.

Ii       Equipment / Workshop/ Classroom/ Laboratory

The distinctive feature of the mechanical engineering craft practice is the incorporeities of components like turning, fitting and machining. For effective study of these areas, there is need for well equipped workshops, classroom, laboratories, and equipments.

Unfortunately these things are lacking. With reference to the findings made, some schools have workshop but no equipments while  some other have equipment but no workshops. Thus the inadequacy of workshops and equipment has influenced the teaching of the above mentioned course in the Government technical school in Enugu.

Iii      Good Libraries

The role of a well equipped libraries cannot be over emphasized. This was why the Government promised in the National policy on education (1981) that all schools would be properly equipped with textbooks to promote sound and effective teaching.

But unfortunately some of the sampled schools do not even have libraries in their school and in schools where they exist, it is poorly equipped. As indicated in table 3 item 4, 81% of the respondents said that their school libraries were highly inadequately equipped. This means that development in good study habit cannot be enhanced in the students unless they have access to books and other reading materials that contain such knowledge which good library services offer.
No matter how elaborate an educational system may be, if it does not include libraries in its working programme, if it does not encourage and  instill good reading habits and provides necessary material to consolidate formal learning, it is doomed.

iv       Finance and Funding

The greatest constraint to the effective teaching of mechanical engineering craft practice has been that of financial support. From the findings mad,91% of the respondents opinion  confirmed that schools were not given any subsidy for running them Akagha (1990) opined that it is because of  lack of finding and poor planning that there is lack of infrastructures likes workshops, laboratories, libraries and even classrooms.

In summary the findings and discussion suggests that finance can influence the teaching of mechanical engineering craft practice in government technical colleges.

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Educational Implications

The implication is that mechanical engineering craft practice will die a natural death without achieving some of its objectives. More so the much that has been invested in the scheme can no longer be recovered. The task ahead to all meaningful citizen of this country should be how best to get rid of these problems to ensure the success of the scheme. In other to help prevent these problems, certain suggestions and recommendations are made.


In light of the findings above, it has become necessary to make the following recommendations:-

  1. The ministry of Education should mountain intensive public enlightenment campaign on mechanical engineering craft practice since opinion was suggested about teachers getting confused on how to teach the course effectively in the government technical colleges.
  2. The teaching profession should be made incentive the teachers should be given more incentives. Salaries should be paid on time so that the teaching profession should compete favourably with other professions. Unless this is done the problem of in adequacy of teachers will continue to pose a problem to this trade.

Regarding book shortage and library services, Philanthropic organizations should be called upon to make contributions either in cash or in kind.

Suggestions for Further Study

I strongly behave that this research has been well conducted and carried out with the resources within the reach of the researcher. Therefore I suggest that the research should be extended to cover more areas in Nigeria as a whole for wider and unaided generalization.

The researcher in this study has carried out a research into the factors militating against the teaching of mechanical engineering craft practice in government technical colleges in Enugu State.

Two technical colleges were involved in the study. Questionnaires were distributed to teachers and students from the sampled population. Data were analyzed and findings were in line with the stated purpose of study.

Mechanical engineering craft practice is profitable enough and geared towards achieving a bright future for our great nation. Though there are some problems inherent in it, but with good planning, management and administration, the problems could be eliminated.

However, the researcher is of the view that success can be achieved if the three ties of government are able to co-operate with each other in the area of implementation.

It can be concluded that mechanical engineering craft practice is a unique programme which can make individuals self reliant if properly implemented. On the other hand like every other programmes this trades has its problems which if solved, through the co-operation  of all, will make it not only smooth sailing, but it will  also achieve the aims and objectives behind its adoption.

Factors Militating Against the Teaching of Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice in Government Technical Colleges in Enugu State


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