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Evaluation of Hotel Properties as an Investment Option

An Evaluation of Hotel Properties as an Investment Option in Iselle Ukwu, Delta State

Literature Review


Hotel according to a layman view means a place where food and drinks are sold. On the practical level, the term hotel can simply be referred to areas (consisting of land and building) structured carried out for rending of services in form of accommodation, food, drinks and centres for leisure and recreational activities are seen.

According to Joan .C. Branson and Margarech Lennox in their publication titles “Hotel” hotel and housekeeping. The term hotel refers to a residential establishment structured and purposed towards satisfying   the basic requirement of the guest in form of food, drink and accommodation.

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Types of hotel

Hotels are of different types but all geared towards provision of service of food, drinks, and accommodation, conference of trade and recreational activities. The major different existing in hotel industries are its standard ownership, size and so on and under this different types are:

  1. Muti-National Hotel
  2. National Hotels.
  3. International Hotels
  4. Restaurants
  5. Bars

Multi-National Hotel

These are five star hotel with trade names and exist in many parts of the world, for example Sharaton hotels and tower that has branches in many parts of the world.

International hotels

These are hotels that meet international standard as regarded to accommodation and services. For example, Grand hotel Asaba, Wellington hotel Warri, Nike lake hotel Enugu, Federal palace hotel Lagos and so on.

National Hotels

These are hotels that meet national standard in terms of services and accommodation for relaxation. Examples of some National Hotels are Hotel de class in Isselle Ukwu, Top class hotel Nanka, Marble Arch hotel Awka and so on.

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These are services rendering only. They are place meant for selling of foods and drinks examples of some restaurant are Mada Gbeke restaurant Issele Ukwu, Janok restaurant Awka, Sinko restaurant Ekwulobia and so on.


These are spot meant for relaxation and drinking only, example are Maraton Hoopers Oko


The ideal of property has had a long and complicated history philosophers, economist and lawyers have all has a hand in the development of the ideal of property. Some regard property as anything subject to ownership while other regard it as anything having value in exchange.

In other words, property is derived from Latin word “Proper” or “Propeters” which means “one own”.

However, the lawyers regard property as a legal relationship between somebody and something owned. Hence it has been described as a right and interest olf an individual in anything subject to ownership and these are real property which is fixed property and the personal property which is moveable property but for the purpose of this course, attention will be paid to the real property, i.e lands, building e.t.c.

Types of property

  1. Residential properties.
  2. Commercial properties
  3. Agricultural properties.
  4. Industrial properties.
  5. Recreational properties.
  6. Public properties.

Residential properties

These are properties which have been specifically designed and constructed to satisfy the basic shelter needs of mankind. Residential building may be rented or may be owner-occupied, rent earning building should not therefore be confused with commercial properties. Ownership of residential building however, residential properties can be group into the following categories, detached house, semi detach house or duplex e.t.c.

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Commercial Properties

These are properties that are constructed and design for the use of office and those build for the use as shop and shopping centres, whether they are developed as high rise building or as bungalows, what is of great important is that, they are mostly concentrated in down commercial district such as main market, Okpara Avenue Enugu e.t.c.

Industrial properties

These are properties which include land and other facilities involved in production, storage and distribution of goods.

An industry can be classified as light or heavy depending on the nature of product achieved.

Heavy manufacturing, assembling or warehouse can be achieved in smaller building with fewer unique specification buildings.

Recreational properties

These are properties design for leisure time, which as a result of human activities tends to make man allay occupied. It also helps man in building of blood and its body posture. Example of recreational properties are Polo park Enugu, Yankari game reserve Jos e.t.c.

Public properties

These are properties that are built by government to render services to the public and such properties are free from one rate or the other, and are either run by government or private agencies e.g University, Polytechnics, National Assembly, Electricity station and Refineries e.t.c.


Investment can be define as a process whereby an individual tie certain amount of capital in an undertaking with evidence and hope of future yield or it can be define as the use of an indirect process to obtain a higher output.

The indirect process may involve the saving or expanding of capital to obtain higher productivity which may be in the form of increased output, in other words, an investment is a commitment of scarce resources with the sole aim of receiving higher return of benefits.

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Type of investment

  1. The Real investment.
  2. The financial investment.

The real investment

This is the creation of new income yielding asset. It is known as capital formation. It consists of new development, modification and re-buildings.

The Financial Investment

This is the commitment of money into an already established business in other to share in the profit sharing e.g the purchase of a productive property.

An Evaluation of Hotel Properties as an Investment Option in Iselle Ukwu, Delta State


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