Conflict management and organizational performance

Conflict management and organizational performance (a study of United Bank for Africa Onitsha Cluster).

Background of the Study:

Conflict being an outcome of behaviour is an integrated part of human life wherever is an interaction, there will be conflict.  Conflict is associated with situations that involved contradictory or irreconcilable interests between two opposing groups.

The basic understanding is that conflict occurs when two goals are in compatible or mutually exclusive people think that harmony is the opposite of conflict. They think that conflict is abnormal and harmony is normal. But that is not so conflict is normal and harmony is the exception rather than rule.

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According to mc Namara 1997, conflict is a sign of a healthy organization.

Conflict tendencies are not new to banking or service organization. It is unthinkable to find any organization or institution without organizational conflicts

Obisi (2003) argues that Japan which is regarded as the Mecca of industrial harmony has element of organizational or industrial conflict in one form or the other.

There exist relationship between employers and employees in every establishment; this is known as industrial relations. Industrial covers a wide range of issues on, how employees relate to employers in the organization. The fundamental objective of the relationship are the determination and regulation of conditions under which works is done. Ultimately its aim is to provide mutual satisfaction between the employers and atmosphere in the work environment.  Any infringement on phases terms often results in agitations and disagreement. Such disagreement in respect to the terms of employment contracts often leads to organizational conflicts

There are also both position and jobs. People occupying these positions cannot see things the same time; they do not communicate effectively and so cannot understand themselves very well. Change within the banking industry fosters conflict in organization. Example is in the working of automated teller machine (A.TM)

The challenges of this machine ranges from cash to debiting a customer account without paying and also inadequate network most of the time.

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Conflicts have both positive and negative impact in organizations. Beneficial conflicts become difficult and it is impossible to identify it precisely. Indeed conflict is inevitable. It will come when it will come. That is why it is necessary to manage organizational conflict as it cannot be eradicated one of the greatest tragedies in managing conflict is the attitude of avoiding the conflict

A crisis ridden organization ended with conflicting interest and goals impair development growth profitability. It is against this background that efforts have been made in thus study to identify the possible cause of conflict and their consequences in the banking industry.


Organization is a social entity that consists of a group of people who come together to achieve a common set of goals. It is almost inevitable for an organization to be managed without conflict. Therefore the concept of conflict management becomes paramount.

Conflicting interest has led to power tussle loss of confidence strikes and when not checked have continued to have retrogressive effect on both organizational member and the organization at large. The past ASUU strike in the educational sector is as a result of members of conflicting interest.

Another problem is when right of members are thought to be infringed upon. They tend to revolt- conflict arises from these revolts. An example is the Imo State primary and secondary school teacher strike that lasted for months in the year 2011 under Ohakim reign as governor.

Another way conflict arises is when there is issue of duplication of powers abuse of power leads to conflict, this problem can be corrected if there is a structural organizational arrangement. (Hierarchy of authority)

It is therefore the intention of the researcher to exhume the causes of these conflicts and plans aimed at managing these conflicting situations.


Conflict is inevitable in organization. This is because, sometimes employees have diverse interest and contributing goals in organizations. This research work tends to identify ways and strategic control measures which will be used to manage and control employee’s contradictory goals and diverse interest so as to ensure improved organizational performance.

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The specific objectives of this study include

  1. To establish how to formulate strategic control measures to deal with labour grievances and strike in organizations.
  2. To establish how to determine better organizational structure that will help reduce organizational conflict.
  3. Another objective of this research work is to identify and provide strategic control measure of dealing with the problems of differential employee attitudes, values, goals and interest.

In attempt to unravel all the explanation behind conflict management in organizations, some vital questions were taken into consideration, such as

  1. How would conflict management, its strategy measures and control correct the problems of labour grievances and strike in organizations?
  2. How would organizations determine better organizational structure that will reduce organizational conflict
  3. What are the strategic measures for dealing with problems of differential employees, attitudes, values, goals and interest?

The following hypothesis was formulated from the research questions

  1. Establishing strategic control measure for dealing with labour grievances and strict actions can significantly control organizational conflict.
  2. Appropriate organizational structure can significantly reduce organizational conflict.
  3. Establishing strategic control measures for dealing with problems of differential employees attitudes, values, goals and interest can improve organizational performance.
  4. This is of great significant especially to managers and organization because it recognizes the approaches that will be used in resolving conflict among employees and organization too.
  5. This study also identifies strategic measures of controlling the problem associated with different attitudes, values and perceptions among employees
  6. Another importance of this study is that it helps managers to maintain adequate organizational structure that will suit a particular organization in question.
  7. This study enhances poor communication, clarify roles and responsibilities, maintaining esprit de corps  (team work) etc.
  8. It will finally be of great help and important to aspiring managers and students with the problem associated with organizational conflict.

The idea behind this study was born out of the desire of the researcher to contribute in Nigeria economy development as in the effective management of conflict in organizations.

The researcher also wants to identify measures of controlling labour grievances and strike in Nigeria public organizations.

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The emphasis was placed on poor communication among employees, labour grievances and strikes, industrial differences, diverse perception and also within organizational structure.

This study is only restricted to United Bank of Africa Onitsha Cluster.


A research of this nature would not be without some inherent limitations.

In writing this research work, some constraints were encountered which make the researcher to stand against all odds. Below are some of the limitations

  1. Stress in getting materials from specific library
  2. Financial constraints
  • Time constraints
  1. Non response by some of the sampled population
  2. Some difficult attitudes encountered by the staff etc.
  3. Conflict: Is the disagreement or quarrel between two or more people.
  4. Organization: group of people working together for a specific purpose
  • Strategies: Process of planning in order to achieve a purpose in a particular way.
  1. Negotiations: Process or art of discussion in order to reach an agreement.
  2. Bargaining: The discussion or terms of agreement about something.
  3. Esprit de corps: Team work.

Conflict management and organizational performance (a study of United Bank for Africa Onitsha Cluster).


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