Impact of Women In Community Development In Nigeria

Impact of Women In Community Development In Nigeria

The easiest ways of economizing effort in an inquiry is to review and build upon the works already done by others. The work already done by others may be found in journals, newspapers, books, and records relating to the study in question.

Conceptual Framework

In carrying out the conceptual framework of this study, the researcher is going to review the following:

a)  The concept of Community Development

b)The Role of woman in Community Development

c)  The Importance of Community Development

d)The Impact of Woman Participation in Community Development

e)  Factors militating against Woman Participation in Community Development. [Read more…]

The Role of Nigeria Local Government In Rural Development

The Role of Nigeria Local Government In Rural Development

This paper is titled “the role of Local Government in rural Development in Nigeria” was undertaken to evaluate the role of Nigeria Local Area in Rural Area. The specific objectives of the study are: to ascertain the level, which local government in Nigeria have been living up to their constitutional responsibilities in terms of rural community development, to access the rural development effort of local government and to identify factors militating against local government in rural development. The study adopted exploratory approach. [Read more…]

The Impact Of Training And Development In A Public Sector Management In Nigeria

The Impact Of Training And Development In A Public Sector Management In Nigeria. 

The Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo, Ohaji (formerly Imo State of Agriculture) was established in the year 1978, by the Imo State Government as an arm of the ministry of Agriculture and natural resources with the responsibility of producing agriculturists of middle level cadre for the prosecution of the agricultural policies. It now has two campuses at Orlu and Ehime Mbano.

The polytechnic became an autonomous institution with a governing council under edict No. 11 of 1979 (law) [Read more…]

Inter-Governmental Relations In Democratic Federalism

Inter-Governmental Relations In Democratic Federalism. A Study of Ebonyi State Government- Ezza South Local Government Area

This research work on the topic “Inter-Governmental Relations in a Democratic Federalism: a study of  Ebonyi State government and Ezza south local government council  was undertaken to explore the relationship existing state and local governments in Nigeria democratic federalism. [Read more…]

Financial Management In Nigerian Local Government System

Financial Management In Nigerian Local Government System

The evolution of local government in Nigeria has followed very closely the Pre-colonial, Colonial and Neo-Colonial political development in Nigeria. In other words, the existence of local government in Nigeria were tied willy-nilly to the apron strings of the pre-colonial, Colonial and Post Colonial successes or failures Nigeria or Nigerian State. Before the coming of the white men, there was nothing like Nigerian state, what existed were relatively autonomous villages, towns and ethnic group each existing on its own with minimal contacts, usually limited to trade and social transactions and little political relationship with others (Okpata, 2004). [Read more…]

Poverty Alleviation Programme In Nigeria

Assessment of Poverty Reduction Programme in Nigeria. A Study Of Ebonyi State National Poverty Eradication Programme

Poverty is one of the greatest problems ranging Nigerian and African at large. Poverty is generally associated with the conditions, which people live. It is related term, a condition that can only be defined by comparing circumstances of one group of people or an entire economic with another. [Read more…]