Pidgin: An Effective Language of Broadcasting in Nigeria

Pidgin: An Effective Language of Broadcasting in Nigeria

The Concept of Nigerian Pidgin

Encarta dictionaries define Pidgin as a simplified language made up of parts of two or more languages used as a communication tool between speakers whose native languages are different. A Pidgin is a reduced language that results from extended contact between groups of people with no language in common; it evolves when they need some means of verbal communication, perhaps for trade, because no group learns the native language of other group for social reasons that many include lack of trust or close contract. It is not a corruption of “higher”, usually European languages (English for example) [Read more…]

The impact of reportorial techniques on reading audience

The impact of reportorial techniques on reading audience of Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

Literature Review

In This chapter related literatures on the impact of reportorial techniques on the reading audience is discussed. The Literature will be reviewed in this from the perspective of: Techniques and technicalities, reportorial techniques, reportorial techniques as a controlling tool for rapid increase in reading audience, the reportorial techniques and its applications in the broadcast industry, the users of reportorial techniques, the role of reportorial techniques in effective listening of reading audience.

Techniques and technicalities

In his opinion, Stovall, (2006), the success of any profession depends on the quality of operational techniques and technicalities of such a profession, to achieve this,   concerted efforts must be made to ensure that, standard is maintain and not tampered with in every circumstance of application of this techniques.

From his opinion, one can understand that, the media industry as an organized industry, must have basic techniques and technicalities guiding how copies are written and filled for publication. Some of these techniques may differ from country to country based on the type of report, but the underlying fact is that they must make up operational condition for effective reporting to enable it have a deep impact on the reading audience. Based on this, any report that lacks these basic techniques or some of them will definitely turn out be rejected by a reputable editor of such media organization. [Read more…]