Effect of Population Growth on Land Resources Development

Effect of Population Growth on Land Resources Development”. A Case Study in Aba Urban of Abia State


The common problem facing most state in Nigeria today is how to improve the standard of living of the vast majority of their people.

Consequently, most state like Abia is involved in a variety of programmes designed to speed up the process of socio-economic and physical development. Development planners in different parts of Abia have realized in relent time that understanding of the population in the development process of Abia is important. [Read more…]

Effect of Slum on Property Values in Nigeria

Effect of Slum on Property Values in Nigeria (A Case Study Aguowa in Enugu, Enugu State)

History of Recognition of Slum

The history of recognition of slum and blighted environment became very pronounced with the introduction in Britain of the town and country planning act of 1944. Historically, there are other environmental degradation which relate to slum and therefore ought to be mentioned while discussing slum. These include blight, twilight areas and obsolescence.


The word obsolescence comes from the Latin word “obsolescence” to grow old. For a building may be obsolete in the context of one time and place but not in another. The causes of obsolescence are divers and may be grouped into three categories but for the purpose of this work, the researcher has to be brief. They are physical, functional and economic physical obsolescence. This is the easiest to appreciate and relate to the wear and tear on the fabrics of a building.   [Read more…]