Examining The Impact or Effect of Poor Housing

Examining The Impact or Effect of Poor Housing Among the People  of Egu –Ugwu Agbaja Unuphu Community Abakaliki L.G.A Ebonyi State.


housing  general refers to the social problem of incurring  that members of the social have a home to live in as one of the fundamental needs of mankind whether it is a house or a kind of dueling, loading or shelter. housing is a fundamental need of mankind besides air, water, food and clothing. as a prerequisite to the survival of man it only second to food (Omodu, 2005). in the medieval; times care provided shelters for primitive people against harsh weather conditions.

since, the major part of human life is spent in house, it therefore because imperative that house should be built in such a way that promotes and maintain the physical, mental and social wellbeing of man. hence, who expert Group (1961)  on public hearth aspect of housing prefers to use the term “residential environment” today, civilization and industrialization have led to rapid urbanization and subsequent mass drift of the people from the rural to the urban areas in search of jobs and social amenities such as portable water supply, electricity, good roads, health services, etc. [Read more…]

growth performance of clarias gariepinus fed with coppens at a frequency of once and twice daily

growth performance of clarias gariepinus fed with coppens at a frequency of once and twice daily. (zoology and environmental biology)

literature review

biology of cat fish

Catfish constitute a large group of primarily freshwater fish which are widely distributed throughout the world. They are about 200 species of catfish in the world (about eight percent of the total number of fishes). Only three African species, the Sharptooth catfish Clarias gariepinus, the Vundu Heterobrachus longifilis and the butter catfish Eutropius depressirostris, are considered to have aquaculture potential. Since these proceedings are concerned mainly with Clariid catfish, the remainder of this account deals with Clarias gariepinus.

Clarias gariepinus or African sharptooth catfish is a species of catfish, order: Siluriformes, class: Actinopterygii, phylum: Chordata and kingdom: Animalia (Burchell, 1822).

Natural Distribution

They are found throughout Africa and the Middle East, and live in Freshwater lakes, rivers, and swamps, as well as human-made habitat, such as oxidation ponds or even urban sewage systems. [Read more…]

Examining the Health Effect of Poor Housing

Examining the Health Effect of Poor Housing in Izzi Unuhu Community, Abakalaili Local Government Area, Ebonyi State.


Essentially, housing is universally acknowledge as one of the two basic human needs which are food and shelter.Housing has no strick definition because its definition might depends, on circumstance which might be social cultural or financial.

But most obvious is the fact that housing is accepted to be more than shelter and it compasses all the auxiliary services and community facilities which are necessary to human well being. [Read more…]