A Study of the Negative Impact of Technological Development on the Secretary in a Modern Office

A Study of the Negative Impact of Technological Development on the Secretary in a Modern Office ( A Case Study of Some Selected Banks in Umuahia, Abia State)


  • Background of the Study

In the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy, secretaries are usually very helpful to the management in the accomplishment of organizational goals.  With the advent of technical know how in our modern establishments there is an increase in demand for sophisticated and modern technologies in Nigerian organization.

In the light of the above situation this research work is aimed at identifying the Negative Impact of Technological Development on secretaries in a modern office. [Read more…]

Marketing Concept in the Banking Service

Application of the Marketing Concept in the Banking Service .(A Case Study of Commercial Banks in Owerri Municipal Owerri Imo State)

Research Methodology

Design of the Study

In this research study, the researcher made use of both primary and secondary data.  Primary data were collect through a field study of commercial banks in Owerri.

The researcher also made use of personal interviews, observations and structured questionnaires.  This was to provide the researcher with information on the experience of the customers in the banks. [Read more…]

Impact of Employee Welfare Services

 Impact of Employee Welfare Services, study of  Emenite Co. Ltd Emene Enugu

Literature Review


Wefarism is the social policies character tic of a welfare state which scientist principles have been put into effect with the purpose of ensuring the welfare of all who live in it.

Some organization in Nigeria about 9193 because conscious of proving their employees with welfare facilities.  This led to spring up in 1916 the first pioneering welfare workers association became central association of welfare workers in Nigeria. [Read more…]

A Survey of Welfare Packages Available to the Employees of the Nigeria Railway Corporation

A Survey of Welfare Packages Available to the Employees of the Nigeria Railway Corporation and the Effect on Their Performance.

Review of Related Literature

In the interim, not much has been written on employee welfare programme, especially as they relate in the Railway Corporation.

However, some textbooks, journals, welfare newspapers and magazines as well as other useful publications were used in this review. That will be in this research. In the main other issues relevant to the topic were highlighted in this review.

However, the literature for this study was organized under the following headings. [Read more…]

Secretary as the Image Maker of a Business Organization

Secretary as the Image Maker of a Business Organization. (A Case Study of Nigerian Breweries Plc Onitsha and Our Lady’s Industries Nkpor-Agu Anambra State

Literature Review

This chapter presents an over view of the secretary as an image-maker of business organization.

The chapter is treated under the following

Who is a secretary

The qualified secretary

Typist vs secretary

Image making functions

Business attributes

Personal attributes

Summary of literature review


The NATIONAL Secretaries Association (International) N.S.A define secretary as “An Executive Assistant, who possesses a mastery of office skills, who demonstrates the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, who makes decision within the scope of assigned authority.“

Nwigwe (1995) said that, “secretaries are the protective walls and agate along eh corridors and within the secret chambers of power. Secretaries constitute a power-nexus, hardly heard but always seen and act as sieves, shields and wind breaks to the proceedings, decisions and the personalized instruments and agents of policy within the cocoon of their operational space. She employ all in their armory of psychology, politeness, humility and disarming dialogue to ensure that “the divinity that dot hedge a king” remains inviolable, immutable and often times, sacrosanct. [Read more…]

Challenges of Information And Communication Technology (Ict) To Modern Secretaries

Challenges of Information And Communication Technology (Ict) To Modern Secretaries (Study of Nigerian-American Bank Limited (Nambl) and Wema Bank Plc)

Literature Review


Information and communication technologies (ICT) have been growing

Rapidly in developed and developing countries. ICT has been revolutionizing the way in which people in these countries operate in their various organizations both in the public and private sectors. ICT has changed the administration, governance, education, business competitiveness and global operations in them. In Nigeria today, the application of ICT is much more extensive and noticeable in the private sector. The areas of application cover nearly all the activities of the private sector. The major users include the banks, oil industry, insurance houses, consultants and manufacturers. New technologies, thriving in today’s commercial and industrial offices, inevitably pose a lot of  challenges to the modern secretaries.

After the invention of typewriter in  1881, by Christopher sholes, one of  the greatest discoveries of all time was the computer, since its   advent, the world has become a global village where vital information could be extracted and effectively shared.

The vital roles which secretaries are meant to play as the custodians of office information necessitate the proper training of secretaries in order to cope with the challenges pose by ICT. [Read more…]

Effects of Modern Communication Equipment on the Secretarial Performance

Effects of Modern Communication Equipment on the Secretarial Performance.  (A Case Study of Nbl Plc-Enugu).

Review of Related Literature

Introduction of Office Automation

The expansion of offices necessitated the development of modern office equipment.  In developing countries like Nigeria for instance where children build things for fun e.g. kites, toys etc, the white-men of old constructed certain equipment in past years.

These equipment are office equipment.  Technologically advanced countries however, included America, Britain, Japan, France and China.

Babara (1986) said,” long before machine existed, people found ways to calculate with their hands, or orange stones in files wrote with hands, or arranged stones in files, wrote with feathers, sited stick etc, all, these in order to keep track of quantities”  inspite of the increasing availability of technology or perhaps because of it as the generation and accumulation of data was made easier more and more work piled in the offices.  However, some early pioneers were acutely aware of this potential effects of technology upon the manufacturing industries and other organisation. [Read more…]

Use of Computer in Management Information System

 Use of Computer in Management Information System in First Bank Plc, Enugu

Literature Review

2.1     History of Management Information System (Mis)

Onon-Igbo (2001:231) defined management information system as a combination of organizational lines and serves The information needs of managers at different levels by providing information in a useful format on a timely basis to support planning and control requirements.

Management information system attempt to provide managers at all levels with Ihe information they need to guide their enterprises in the context of Ihe 1980s.  They typically require the use of sophisticated computer hardware and software although theoretically a management information system (MIS) should be achievable without computer resources, in this regards very few or less achieve Ihe desired goals.

The potentials of contemporary technology that is computer provide hope that more systems deserving this designation will be a developed tools far the planning and control function of the endeavor with the ability to respond to planned managerial levels.

‘A Study of the Use of Computer in Management Information System in First Bank Plc, Enugu

[Read more…]

the Role and Performance Effectiveness of Professional Secretaries in Selected Government Metropolis

the Role and Performance Effectiveness of Professional Secretaries in Selected Government Metropolis. A Study of Three Selected Government Parastatals

2.1     Review of Literature

The literature of the study is going to be received along the following head.

  • What is a professional secretary
  • Appraisal of the definition
  • Definition of secretary
  • The role of the secretaries in Government houses.
  • Qualities of a secretary.
  • List of professional performance effectiveness.

2:1    What is a Professional Secretary

Millerson (1994) defined profession as higher non manuals occupation with both subjectivity and objectivity recognized occupational status, possessing a well-defined of study or concern and providing a definite service occupation.

Hornby (1995) defined profession as a paid occupation thya6 requires advanced education and training.

  • Appraisal of the Definition

On the basis of the above definition, easily say before any occupation attains professional status, it must first and foremost involve posses a well definite service to whoever that desired it after which the professional must have been well nurtured in training and education.

The stimulating issue for this study is find out how far those individuals in the secretarial profession today  are carrying out the supposed professional performance effectiveness in order to enhance their professional competencies and therefore make their impact to be felt in the society. [Read more…]